How Organic Cordyceps May Help You

There are many reasons you might be looking to boost your personal energy levels, ranging from a desire to be more alert during the workday, to increasing athletic stamina to better supplement your workout routine or other energy-sapping activities, to simply combating fatigue from a variety of sources such as lack of sleep or poor gut health.

Organic Cordyceps is a powerful supplement with a fascinating origin. Unlike other supplements with more mundane sources such as plants or minerals, organic cordyceps is sourced from a very specific fungi that grows only on caterpillars in high mountainous regions of China. As the fungi grows, it replaces the caterpillar’s tissue and grows external appendages; in other words, it is a parasite, one that is significantly more useful to humans than it is to the caterpillar. Like other ingredients such as gingko, organic cordyceps has been used as an integral part of Chinese medicine for thousands of years. While organic cordyceps is mostly grown in labs nowadays, rather than actually harvested from caterpillars, this distinction is—if nothing else—an entertaining one when discussing the supplement.

Studies have shown that organic cordyceps have a broad array of supplemental benefits. In addition to boosting energy, organic cordyceps have been shown to boost your immune system, balance thyroid and hormones, enhance stamina, treat kidney disorders, assist with male sexual disorders, and help treat liver problems. In addition, they are often used to treat altitude sickness. There are a wide variety of uses for it that are still being studied, such as treating heart disease, anti-aging, and overall inflammation reduction.

From a root cause perspective, information about the inner workings of organic cordyceps on a chemical level is still difficult to achieve. In other words, we aren’t completely sure why it works the way it does. This is often the case with traditional supplements and medicines that have not been fully studied in peer-reviewed literature. However, like other traditional supplements, its efficacy is backed up by thousands of years of consistent use in traditional medicine and cultural knowledge passed down both via writing and verbally throughout many, many generations. 

Nowadays, with more and more people realizing not only the benefits of natural supplements in general but also the various medicinal properties of mushrooms and fungi in particular, supplements like organic cordyceps are only increasing in popularity. According to various studies, medicinal mushrooms are currently the most commonly prescribed natural anticancer products in the world today; seeing this development is an extremely gratifying reflection of traditional medicine realizing more and more frequently the benefits of traditional knowledge passed down throughout thousands of years.

This increase in acceptance is driven in part by changing attitudes, in part by increasingly elegant scientific processes that allow us to better understand the inner workings and enzymes of mushrooms, and in part because we now have extremely effective methods for growing fungi in labs, including organic cordyceps. Although organic cordyceps isn’t typically an anticancer drug, we look forward to seeing it more frequently recognized within traditional modern medicine circles for the benefits it is capable of providing, including but not limited to its energizing properties.

If you are looking to boost your energy and harness the power of medicinal mushrooms, look no further than organic cordyceps. It has the ability not only to give you the power to be more active, but also balances your body and its workings more generally, leading not only to a healthier body but also to a better quality of life.*

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