How the Ancient Practices of Exercising is A Mirror of What We Should Do for Good Health?

The on-going pandemic has barred all the adventure enthusiasts from traveling, and nobody knows how long it would take for things to go back to normal. However, all those with a distinct flavor of art must have visited Sicily once in their lifetime, or it's on their Wishlist to satisfy their love for ancient Roman art and architecture.

Villa Romana del Casale, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Sicilian town of Piazza Armerina, is an impressive landmark of 4th-century Roman craftsmanship from both historical and artistic points of view.

Here, the question arises that what is so mesmerizing and captivating in that monument that it caught my attraction, and why am I talking about it?

The mosaics in this site are a living embodiment of significance given to exercise, physical activities, and women's athleticism. The villa includes a room that is referred to as Salla delle Dieci Ragazze or Room of the Ten Girls. The particular mosaic that I am referring to features ten bikini girls depicting to be engaged in sport, exercise, and physical training.

The Roman era is often described as a period of male supremacy with very little liberty for women. However, if you take a deeper look into Greek mythology and the history of physical education in Rome, you will be able to comprehend the significance of physical education in imperial periods.

As a part of their culture, Roman Gladiators and warriors focused mainly on their physical prowess through activities, such as running, jumping, swordsmanship, etc. Though women were not allowed to practice the same exercise routine; however, the mosaic in this villa depicts the ladies to be engaged in running, throwing discus, carrying dumbbells to improve physical fitness, and playing ball games.

No matter which ancient civilization you pick to explore, you will come across strong references of importance given to physical agility in all of them. From running to swimming, from strength and weight training to calisthenics, and from ballistic training to games and sports, our ancient ancestors cracked the linkage of practicing exercise and maintaining good health.

The recent generations have neglected the spirit of exercise and physical activity and its impact on holistic health due to myriad reasons, especially in this digital age where everyone is stuck to their screens with little to no physical activity. Moreover, the processed foods and incomplete diet have a substantial impact on our energy levels, stamina, and physical health that they leave us with no vitality and vigor to exercise.

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