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Nr. 15 Pulmonik is a very effective medication for all respiratory tract infections from influenza and bronchitis to asthma and COPD. It works actively on the physical level to eliminate mucus while soothing irritations of the respiratory system and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Pulmonik is often prescribed for conditions that also include allergic rhinitis (hay fever), mucoviscidosis, tracheitis, and laryngitis.

» Supports respiratory function
Therapeutic Action: Restoration of Proper Function of Respiratory Tract and Lungs, Anti-inflammatory, and as a Decongestant
Helpful For: Common Cold, Cough & Hoarseness, Bronchitis, Influenza, Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, COPD, Mucoviscidosis, Laryngitis, Emphysema, Chronic Obstructive Bronchitis, Tracheitis, Bronchial Asthma, Pertussis, Respiratory Obstructions, Pulmonary Hypertension