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Theralac Probiotic Master Supplement fights constipation and diarrhea, and works fast to restore regularity. Theralac is a new, highly effective probiotic that replenishes these beneficial bacteria with a MINIMUM 30 billion CFU of five well researched probiotic strains. Theralac promotes a healthy soft-lining (wall) in the intestinal tract which results in improved digestion, regularity and nutrient absorption.

  • Helps restore regularity
  • Clinically proven probiotic strains protected by 4 US patents
  • Patented acid-proof delivery which guarantees delivery to your intestinal tract
  • Protected during shipping with TIP packaging
  • 30 Billion CFU guaranteed through expiration
  • Five probiotic strains that colonize the entire G.I. tract
  • Safe for infants over 6 months
  • Patented probiotic stimulation with their prebiotic Lactostim and Sodium Alginate