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Developed by Asia’s renowned Physician Dr. Huang Chuan Gui‚ Natura 401- Ductless Glands by American Nutraceuticals is a Chinese herbal formulation that could potentially boost cellular health.

Natura 401 is a dietary supplement blended with a handful of Chinese proprietary ingredients in 250 mg concentration. Lu Xian Cao‚ also known as Pyrola Calliantha or Pyrola Herb‚ is the primary ingredient in Natura 401 and could potentially reduce anxiety.

Huang Yao Zi‚ also referred to as Tuber Dioscoreae‚ plays an active role in the Natura 401 formulation. This Chinese herb may improve thyroid health and detoxify the body. Ku Shen‚ also known as Sophora Root could possibly clear itching and promote urination.